Undergraduate Program

Offered Programs:

The department is offering different courses to the Engineering and non-engineering departments according to their requirements.

Undergraduate Program (KSK Campus)

KSK campus is offering four years’ bachelor’s degree program in Chemical Engineering and Technology in following disciplines.


  • BSc. Chemical Engineering


  • BSc. Chemical Technology
Course of Study:

The department offers courses of study leading to the following degrees.

  1. B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
  2. B.Sc. Chemical Technology

The Department of Chemical Engineering at KSK Campus was designed to build on current acclivities and to provide a nucleus for the University’s rapidly expanding industrially oriented research training and consultancy in Chemical Engineering and Technology. The curriculum for the B.Sc. Chemical Engineering has evolved over a number of years and is designed to prepare the students for design, operation, and supervision of Chemical, Biochemical and Polymer Plants. The course is updated regularly to incorporate the outcome of local and global research in the field of Chemical Engineering.

The course of B.Sc. Chemical Technology has been developed by the most learned and experienced personnel’s in the faculty. Their untiring efforts designed a balanced course that is keeping harmony with the rapidly changing and demanding World’s Chemical Technology.

Students are encouraged to work independently as well as in teams. They are assigned projects involving design and other aspects of Chemical Engineering. Emphasis is given to the use of computers by students in problem solving and design of equipment and plant.