Embark on a journey of intellectual discovery and logical reasoning with our 4-year Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Mathematics at the Natural Sciences and Humanities Department. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, this program is designed to align with international standards, providing students with a solid foundation equivalent to 16 years of education while serving as a stepping stone for advanced studies in M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs.

The BS Mathematics program offers a comprehensive curriculum that explores the beauty and applications of mathematical principles. From fundamental theories to advanced concepts, students engage in a learning experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical problem-solving skills. The program encourages a deep understanding of both pure and applied mathematics, fostering versatility and adaptability in our graduates.

Through a combination of core courses, specialized electives, and hands-on projects, students gain a robust skill set that prepares them for various careers and further academic pursuits. The department’s distinguished faculty, renowned for their expertise, provide mentorship to guide students in their academic journey, ensuring a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

As a BS Mathematics graduate from our department, you will not only possess a profound understanding of mathematical theories but also the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to navigate complex challenges. Join us in shaping the future of mathematics at the Natural Sciences and Humanities Department, where curiosity converges with precision, and the pursuit of mathematical excellence takes center stage.

Eligibility for Admission

The admission will be given as per university rules.