Welcome to the forefront of scientific exploration within the Natural Sciences and Humanities Department. Our 4-year Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Physics is crafted to align with international standards, providing a robust foundation equivalent to 16 years of education. This program not only stands as a cornerstone for further academic pursuits in M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs but also represents a journey of discovery for passionate individuals in the realm of Physics.

The curriculum of the BS Physics program is a meticulous blend of fundamental principles and applied concepts. Embracing both conceptual and technical approaches, the program ensures a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets of physics. Through core courses, students develop a strong foundation in general skills, and this knowledge is further enriched by specialized advanced electives, hands-on laboratory work, and exploration of research opportunities across various physics disciplines.

As part of our commitment to fostering scientific inquiry, students are encouraged to engage in research projects under the mentorship of our highly qualified faculty. By the end of the program, graduates will possess not only a deep understanding of modern trends in Physics but also the skills and insights needed to pursue higher degrees in the field with efficiency and enthusiasm.

Join us on a transformative journey in the realm of physics at the Natural Sciences and Humanities Department, where curiosity converges with academic excellence, and the pursuit of scientific knowledge takes center stage. Unleash your potential and shape the future of physics through the BS Physics program.

Eligibility for Admission

The admission will be given as per university rules.