The profound world of mathematics awaits you with our esteemed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program at the Natural Sciences and Humanities Department. Tailored for individuals driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of mathematical knowledge, our PhD Mathematics program is a testament to academic excellence.

Nestled at the core of our department, the PhD Mathematics program embodies a synergy of groundbreaking research, expert mentorship, and an unwavering commitment to nurturing the mathematical trailblazers of tomorrow. Our distinguished faculty, renowned for their expertise across diverse mathematical disciplines, serve as mentors, guiding and inspiring candidates to delve into uncharted territories and contribute meaningfully to the global mathematical community.

As a PhD candidate, you will find yourself in advanced research projects, collaborating with leading mathematicians, and developing a profound understanding of the latest mathematical advancements. The program is meticulously designed to cultivate critical thinking, analytical precision, and a deep appreciation for the elegance and complexity inherent in the field of mathematics.

Admission Criteria

Admission in the PhD Chemistry program follows the UET’s admission criteria as specified by the university.