The MPhil Chemistry program was established by the natural sciences and humanities department in recognition of the critical relevance of the link between chemistry and a thriving society. The main objective of this program is to develop a professional approach in the students. The department instills in students a desire to learn about matter’s composition, behavior, structure, and qualities, as well as the changes that occur during chemical reactions, so that they might produce new inventions in the field of chemistry and solve issues that face our modern society.

Admission Criteria

Admission in the MPhil Chemistry program follows the UET’s admission criteria as specified by the university.


The minimum duration for completion of MPhil degree is two years. The MPhil in Chemistry is a two years program. The first year is spent studying. In the second year, students do research under the supervision of a department faculty member. A full year of research work is essential for training and preparing students for further education or employment options. The department follows the UET policy regarding the maximum period allowed for the completion of degree.