The Department possesses and takes care of five undergraduate state-of-the-art laboratories including Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Mechanics and Computer Labs. These laboratories are equipped with cutting edge equipment to enrich the learning experience of young minds along with the flavor of practical work. These laboratories also render invaluable technical support to the projects undertaken by other departments.

Advanced Research Lab:

An Advanced Research Laboratory was established in the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at UET NEW Campus in 2017 to initiate the multifaceted research activities and projects in the campus. This laboratory brings together scientists and engineers not only from different departments of UET but also from other institutes of Pakistan to collaborate on research and development. The major instruments which are available in this advanced research lab include UV-spectrophotometer, FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS and Atomic Absorption. This advanced research lab has been serving research scholars not only of NEW campus but also the research scholars of other UET campuses. We are expecting successful applications of this research lab to develop a globally competitive research program with a wide vision to address and help in solving national and international problems in addition to addressing fundamental questions in science & technology.


  • Advance Nano-material Research Lab
  • Applied Chemistry Lab
  • Bio-material / Nano ceramics Lab
  • Nano-material / Nano Catalysis Lab
  • Environmental Science Lab
  • Applied Physics Lab
  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Physics Research Lab (Nanoparticles Synthesis)
  • Physics Research Lab
  • Applied Mechanics Lab
  • Mathematics Computer Lab

Nanotechnology Lab:

The Department of Basic sciences & Humanities of New Campus is purpose-built campus with a well-equipped nanotechnology lab. This lab established in 2017. This lab includes all basic and essential instruments which are required in synthesis of nanoparticles including hot plates, heating mental, distilled water plant, fume hood and muffle furnace. The graduates of different departments including biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering perform their routine experiments in this lab. Likewise, this lab is also supportive and beneficial to the research scholars of different departments.

Physics Research Lab (PRL):

Basic facilities for the fabrication of nanoparticles and deposition of thin films are available in PRL. Apparatus is available for the synthesis of nanoparticles through hydrothermal and co-precipitate method (DC Sputtering). Deposition of thin film by spin coater and magnetron sputtering is going to be installed soon in the lab. Recently PRL has won the NRPU funding to the tune of 7.2 million rupees for the development of new photoactive materials for degradation of pollutants. Lab is open for students of M.Phil. and PhD from main campus to make use of the available facilities to promote and advance in the field of research.