Department Introduction

The Natural Sciences and Humanities department is predominantly occupied with establishing the significance of sciences and humanities as the bedrock for learning in the realm of Engineering and Technology. In consonance with the vision of HEC and PEC, the doyens of the university agreed to allocate 30 percent of the curriculum to these epistemological domains, which, in turn, gave rise to the Natural Sciences and Humanities department.

The department comprises different subjects of study, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Islamic Studies, and Pakistan Studies. Well-experienced and highly qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to improve students’ learning, research, and development processes. Besides academics, the department is actively involved in the development of students’ personalities, communication, and soft skills to equip them in the modern and globally competitive environment.

Subjects Offered by the Department:

The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at NEW Campus has been offering the wide variety of subjects to form a bridge between the realms of engineering and basic sciences & humanities. These subjects are given below;

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Applied Physics
  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Functional English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies

Currently, the Department is offering following MS level programs 

M.Phil. Chemistry [Download NOC]

M.Phil. Applied Chemistry [Download NOC]

The University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore is committed towards training professionals who have good communication skills and are well informed about ethical and social issues. 

Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities is to provide the students with a broad perception and incorporate in them the idea of integrated nature of engineering and social aspects of professional life. The Department is fulfilling the needs of Engineering disciplines in Applied Sciences, Communication Skills and Pakistan & Islamic Studies.